5 thoughts on “Vip club

  1. Buford,

    Thank you for all the Waylon and Hank Williams, as always, and I enjoyed Wednesday, 1-27 selection. I wonder if you might be able to play a song this afternoon at the ‘Drive At 5’, if you aren’t too busy with requests already. Can you play ‘As Long As I Live’ off the Waters From The Wells From Home from Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Emmylou Harris, Waylon & Jessi, Roy Acuff, and more…
    That is such a good song. Well, if you can I appreciate it but if not I understand. Hope you don’t have to build a snowman this weekend. Keep close to the woodstove.

  2. I’ve been hooked on your station since I moved down here from NJ. Up there I listened to a station in Symrna, Del for my country fix. I’ve been here twenty years-still working on my Southern accent….lol
    I retired in 05 from Verizon with 36 years and the guys I worked with accepted me like one of the family. We still meet every Friday at a different restaurant in Radford.
    I enjoy all the programs and DJ’s you offer. Keep up the good work. Don’t change anything- you’re terrific as you are.

  3. Greatly enjoy listening to WBRF. I like classic country and radio station with local DJ’s.

  4. Good evening. My name is Jeffery Cox. I have lived in North Carolina now 11 years. Your radio station is better than any i have heard. You actually play the music i was raised on. I live it and I listen to you all day at work. Keep up the good work. You’re awsome.

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